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What To Do When Ex Texts You

Do you want to get your ex back? Have your received a text from your ex and wonder how you should reply? After a few long months, you may be left wondering what on earth to do when your ex sends you the text you’ve been waiting for. Do you grab the opportunity while it’s there or leave it and wait to see if he texts again?

If you want to respond, you should think carefully about how to reply. A short, simple text will usually be just enough. You shouldn’t send a long, lengthy message as this will be too much. Similarly, you shouldn’t really ignore it either or send next to nothing in the message. It is difficult to know what to do when your ex texts you, and if you’ve decided that you definitely want to reply, the tricky thing is knowing exactly what to say.

You could reply asking your ex if he wants to meet up with you. Some people will think that this may be too much, and they might be right. You will have to weigh up the situation, and decide yourself whether you think asking him to meet up with you is appropriate or not. Most people find that if the break-up was bad, this is a text that’s better left for a while. However, if your ex left on good terms (or you left your ex on good terms), this could be the perfect reply. It shows your ex that you are still interested and want to see him again. It also may show that you’re still open to getting back with him, and you’re willing to talk things over rather than ignore him forever and get bitter and twisted about the whole relationship and how it ended.

If you don’t feel that asking him to meet up with you is appropriate at this particular time, take a step down and invite him to just talk to you. You may suggest a phone call or you could encourage the text conversation by asking him a question. If he’s interested and is looking to get you back, he’ll send another text back to you anyway.

“It’s nice to hear from you again” is a good reply if you want to send something short and simple. This kind of reply shows that you’re not angry with him and that you’re actually happy to hear from him. If you want to get him back and you want to show him that you’re not angry or bitter towards him, this could be the ideal text for you to send.

Of course, it does all depend on the individual situation. Make sure that you don’t come across as “fake”, for example, sending a text that goes on and on about how wonderful he is to think about you and send you a message is most likely going to come across as over the top, fake and perhaps even a little sarcastic. Allow yourself time to think about what you should reply, but don’t leave it too long or your ex may have already given up hope of receiving a reply.

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