What to Do if Your Ex Texts You

After reading our last entry, Don’t Text Your Ex!, you’ve sworn off sending your ex random text messages throughout the day. Then, one day…it happens. A text comes to your phone. You pick it up, sure that it’s going to be from one of your girlfriends, only to realize that he has sent you a text message! What do you do? Do you answer? Here are some tips on how to handle a text from the ex if you’re in the process of trying to win him back.

Be Short and Sweet

There is no reason to send your text a book long text message. The best thing that you can do is be short and sweet. Limiting your text to a few words or even less if possible is the best thing that you can do. Usually, too much shortness is a bad thing, but it will help prevent you from going into depth more than you need to with an ex. If your ex asks how you’re doing, you might respond with something like, “I’m doing good, how are you?” Don’t say anything like, “Well, my dog is sick, my mom isn’t being nice, school sucks, and on top of it all, I am really blah because I just miss you so much.” This leads us to the next point.

Don’t Tell Him You Miss Him

Make him have to wonder if you actually miss him. Don’t volunteer that information. If he says that he misses you, then you may want to say it back if it is how you feel – which clearly you do, if you’re trying to win him back. Being the first and only one to say it will seem lame. Also never tell him that you miss him just to hear him say that he misses you too. Unless it comes from him first, there’s a strong possibility that he’s just telling you what he thinks you want to hear.

Avoid Text Message Arguments

Many couples and people who have ended their relationship have a tendency to argue through text messages. Not only is this very immature, but there is no reason to do this. If the only reason that your ex boyfriend wants to text you is to provoke an argument, why bother texting him back in the first place? No one wants a bunch of argumentative text messages sent to their inbox – whether you start the argument or he does.

Never Take it as a Reason to Text in the Future

If your ex boyfriend has text messaged you, it may seem as though he wants to hear from you. Why else would he text you? Like most people who are put in this situation, there is a possibility that you may automatically think that it’s acceptable to text your ex at any time now. This is simply not true though. You should avoid being the first one to text message him. The only time when it may be acceptable to text your ex is if he has asked why he is the one who texts you first. Even then, don’t bombard him with text messages. Sending a text to your ex every few days asking how he is may be one thing, but you should avoid sending him text messages to say good morning and goodnight like you normally would.

Texting an ex should be taken on a case by case basis. The most important thing is to remember that you should never text your ex first. If he texts you, then responding is probably something that you are going to need to do. Being polite about it is in your best interest if you want to get back together with your ex. Just avoid telling him that you love him, miss him, or anything else that will make you seem pathetic or desperate. Visit this link for text message etiquette tips that you should keep in mind.

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