3 Signs Your Ex is Over You

If you are trying to win your ex back, it is important to make sure that he’s still at least somewhat interested in you. Without any type of feelings towards you, there is absolutely no way that you are going to win him back right now. So, how do you know if your ex has moved on? Here are three signs that your ex is over you, and that you should move on.

1. Your Ex is Dating Someone Else Exclusively

It’s one thing if your ex is dating a few different people. This shows that he may be trying to see what else is out there, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are totally out of the picture just yet. Once your ex begins dating one person exclusively, you will know that he has moved on. Although you can wait around to see if they break up, there’s really no guarantee. At that point, is it even worth bothering? As hard as it may be to admit, perhaps your ex and his new girlfriend are better suited for one another.

2. Your Ex Stopped Contacting You Completely

If it has been months since you have heard from your ex, this may be a sign that he’s moved on. The less that you hear from him, the less you are probably on his mind. This may mean that he is moving on more each day. This generally happens with breakups, and may even be more common if your ex boyfriend is the one who ended the relationship. Not speaking for months at a time or speaking very briefly when you do converse are two signs that your ex is moving on with his life.

3. Your Ex Has Told You He Doesn’t Have Feelings

Remember that it is a very big thing for a guy or a girl to say that they do not have feelings. If your ex has told you that he really doesn’t have any, then it may be time that you believe him. Although we would all love to think that our ex’s will go on forever feeling the same way that they did in the past, this doesn’t always happen. People move on. Life moves on. As hard as it may be for you to grasp, perhaps your ex really doesn’t feel anything for you right now. The only time when this may not be a sign that your ex is over you is if it is said during an argument out of anger to get under your skin.

Moving on can be very hard to do. Sometimes it is inevitable. Unfortunately, it is hard to know based on the signs that someone gives us when the right time to move on is. If your ex boyfriend has portrayed any of these three signs, then it may be time for you to move on with your life as well.

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